About Us


We’re Cuppa Tea Co. a Newcastle upon Tyne based company here to serve you top quality, fun and tasty blends of tea. Behind the brand though, we’re just a couple that loves a good cuppa.

We worked together for a number of years in Newcastle's busiest Teahouse - a cosy little place with quirky decor, beanbag chairs, a cinema in the basement, open until midnight serving more flavours of tea than you can probably imagine, sadly due to the coronavirus pandemic, our beloved Teahouse was closed, however our much loved customers still wanted their favourite brews so that's where we come in.

As previous employees at The Teahouse, we know tea, we love tea and that’s something we want to continue to share with you. Whilst the name is different, we’re the same friendly folk, providing the same service and brews you know and love.

Whether you like to stick to a classic cuppa or you’re a sucker for something a little sweeter, you’re in the right place. With black, green, oolong, white, flavoured, herbal, fruit and rooibos blends, the variety we provide means there really is something for everyone.

Much love and tea,

Cuppa Tea Co. x